The Project

The project is to travel around the world visiting 16 countries and at least 80 Dropzones.

The Dropzones, or DZ are the Skydiving Centres.

The Dropzones that will host me, will give me the opportunity to jump and work for them for a while.

I will start visiting the DZ nearby in my country while waiting to the day to Go with my Round the World ticket.

I will make a detailed review of the DZ I will visit, sharing my experience, in order to give a view of the DZ to all the Skydivers who want to travel and visit a different country and a new DZ.

Also people who never Skydive before could have a chance to try their first Jump with an Instructor. It is called Tandem Skydive. They will find all the information inside the Dropzone Review pages.

They can also have a very specific view of what they could find and visit in every country I will go.

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