BFU Dropzone

bfu mappa

BFU Dropzone

Via dell’Aeronautica, 15

Reggio Emilia

Aircraft: Cessna Caravan 208

The Dropzone is open only during Saturday and Saturday all year long. Normally in august they move with the airplane to others Dropzone close to the see. Every year they change location.

Language spoken: Italian, English and French.


AFF: 1550 EUR
Tandem: 179 EUR
Jump Ticket: 27 EUR to 14500 ft

BFU Reggio Emilia is my Home Dropzone.

It is Located near the center town of Reggio Emilia at Campo Volo Airport.

I can seem biased, as it is my second home, but the BFU Staff is highly experienced and professional.

This is one of the largest DZ in Italy and conveniently located to be reached easily from anywhere in the Country. The DZ is just a few kilometers from the train station and the highway exit.

The Dropzone is in the process of moving. The Campo Volo will become a concert arena in a short time, and the skydiving center will be moved to the beginning ot the runway.

At the moment the displacement works are in progress, but the dropzone is in activity despite this.

On-site services:

  • Wireless Internet Access,
  • Bar,
  • ¬†Bunkhouse,
  • Camping
  • Restrooms and Showers,
  • Swimming pool
  • Gear Sales/Rental,
  • Rigging Services,
  • Swoop Pond,
  • Packing Services.

The Manifest office is located inside the very big Hangar. Manifest is done normally by 3 people. They are very professional. There is a big Monitor outside the office where you can see the loads, with people names written on every load. So it is very esy to know how much do you have to wait for the next load and who is on the load.

The plane just kept turning and turning all day long. They normally make about 20 loads per day. The aiprlane take till 14 Skydivers at the same time on the load. The rides to altitude are fast, about 18 minutes to reach 14000 ft.

They don’t have a bar right now but he have a plan to make it for the next year. They have internet access in Hangar. Bathrooms are located all over the DZ and the showers are actually hot.

There is a big green area where you can sit and take sun watching landings.

Seperate landing areas for staff, experienced skydivers and students. Landing area is really very big. It is very good for students.

The camping area is just behind the hangar. they have some trailers and space to camp with your own tent.

So if you are ever in the area of Reggio Emilia I would defenetley recommend gettin out there to log some jumps.

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My Family
Aircraft: Cessna Caravan 208
The whole dropzone
The airplane inside the Hangar
The Hangar during a day of activities
Head up formation
Atmo fly briefing
Wingsuits formatin
Look here for a picture!
Lety Just landed
Lety under canpy

Check also the Places you can visit while you stay at BFU Dropzone Reggio Emilia!

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